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Japanese SOFTBANK 920SH

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Japanese DOCOMO F905I
Japanese DOCOMO N905I
Rebel Simcard II Now Fully Loaded with Support for Mobile phone handsets from Japan

Demo video for sharp Shoftbank 920 SH using Rebel Sim II

Japaneese Supported Models

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Latest Video from the Rebel Simcard Team showing the unlocking of a locked iphone on the UK O2 Network being using on the latest iphone 3.0 OS beta 2

iphone 3g unlock 3.0

We just got the announcement from the Rebel Simcard Developement Team  iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2 has been tested succesfully using Rebel Simcard V61


All users who have currently updated to the iphone 3g v3.0 beta 2 can still use the latestV61  firmware from us to unlock the iphone 3G .

This is a pre-release version of iPhone 3G OS 3.0. This is the original .IPSW file from Apple servers. This can be installed on any iPhone 3G but you need to have your iPhone registered to be able to sync with your PC/Mac via iTunes.

To Roll Back To older OS Version Please do the Following:

1. Open Up iTunes 
2. Have Your iPhone Connected To Your Computer
3. Hold Down The Power/Sleep Button And The Home Button For Exactly 10 Seconds. 
4. Then Release The Power/Sleep Button And Continue To Hold The Home Button Until iTunes Brings Up A Message Saying Your iPhone Is In DFU Mode. 
5. Click Ok Or Whatever It Is So That It Closes That Popup. 
6. Hold Shift Then Click Restore. 
7.Then Make sure You Have Downloaded the ISPW Firmware Called: iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore. (MAKE SURE ITS iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore AND NOT iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore CAUSE THAT FOR THE 2G IPHONE). 
8. Let It Restore Once Its Finished You Will Get An Error Thats Normal It Will Most Likely Be 1015 Or Something Like That. 
9. Download Quick Pwn 2.2.1. 
10. Then Open Up Quick Pwn With You iPhone Connected To Your PC And It will then Say That You Need To Hold The Power/Sleep Button And The Home button For Exactly 15 Seconds Then Release The Power/Sleep Button And Continue To Hold The Home Button For 2 Seconds. This will Then boot your iPhone To the Emergency Call screen. 
11.Open up iTunes And Let It Activate Your iPhone. 
12. Then Restore your iPhone From A Previous Backup If you Have One. 

Below video will explain how to find out the software version of your iPhone or iPhone 3G model phone

iPhone 2.2 showing 3G Data Working Video with Rebel Ver54i

Below is the video to illustrate the working of 3G Data with Rebel Ver54i.

As You know we have a new version of rebel simcard firmware releasing on the 27th Novemeber.

The new firmware will allow use of iPhone 3g features for voice and data as well as 2G

However we are aware their are thousands of rebel simcard card users who don’t yet have a USB programmer to update their rebel simcard with.

At the the same time as you are aware other companies that supply unlocking simcards would like to sell all clients a new simcard as their olders simcards have stopped working on iPhone 3g v2.2 and they do not have updatable firmware functions.

Lucky for all Rebel simcard that they can simply using mode 1 still use the iphone 3g model with 2g functionality and have not been locked out do not need to purchase a new simcard.

See the Video below to see the iphone 3g 2.2 being unlocked with rebel simcard.

rebel simcard unlocking iphone 3g v2.2 with v2.28 latest baseband firmware

How to change mode of rebel simcard to 1 to use with 2.2

Best to use any model nokia for fastest way to change the mode and follow the same method as in video below.

The new update from rebel simcard team will allow users to use rebel simcard with iphone 3g v2.2 without the need to make a mode change of rebel simcard as rebel simcard new firmware verstion will work in Auto mode.