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Rebel simcards can be updated to new firmware updates.

Rebel Simcard I & II Can be programmed with all the Programmers

Rebel Pro and Lite Micro Simcards can use Only the Pro Full size Programmers as shown below

unlock iphone 4 rebel micro sim demo programming

Place the rebels micro on the sim adapter as shown on the blog pictures

Place your thumb on on top of the rebel and you will feel the springs on the pro sim adapters push down as you apply more pressure.

Make sure the rebel pro programmer has been plugged on to the USB port of the PCB and let it install the drivers itself using windows update and is the best way to let them auto configure.

Now Slide the green Pro sim adapter in to the pro programmer and run the software after you downloaded it and press Write Card. Card Takes about 30 seconds to program & If it does not show its programming or is writing to fast then thier is a connection error.

Remove the adapter and plug back in to the pro programmer and try agian and if still does not program then check the postion of the rebel micro sims on the adapter or use your thumb to apply more pressure to make a better connection.

When ever you plug the pro sim adapter in and then out of the readers the light will flash and then stay on. On Windows 7 systems when you plug the adapter in the reader you will see a message saying updating drivers and hear a noise alert.You can ignore this message and proceed by pressing write firmware as normal and this is a sign for you that the boot programming mode was found when you plugged the card in to the reader

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