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Please read our disclaimer* before carrying out this tutorial. Despite the 3G version of the iPad being sold unlocked, it requires a whole new type of SIM card, a MicroSIM.

Traditional SIMs measure 15 x 25mm and have that angled corner. The new micro-SIM is officially 12 x 15mm. That’s effectively the size of just the normal SIM contact area.

1. Here’s a traditional SIM and its measurements, the only working area is the metal contacts.

step.01 420 90 How to make your own iPad micro SIM

2. This is the same SIM with the micro-SIM specifications overlaid. You can use this to trim yours down to size.

step.02 420 90 How to make your own iPad micro SIM

3. Cut your SIM down to size…

step.03 420 90 How to make your own iPad micro SIM

4. …and now it’s ready to pop in to your iPad.

Note: AT&T’s version of the micro-SIM appears to be around 13.5 x 16.5mm – enough to give the original contact area 1.1mm clearance along the bottom and left edge and 1.7mm along the top and right area – so it may be worth holding off on the scissors until we get our hands on an iPad and check the correct dimensions.

*Touch User Guide provides the information for this project in good faith and makes no representations as to its completeness or accuracy. Individuals carrying out the instructions in this project do so at their own risk.

To reverse the procedure above is super simple with a MicroSIM adapter (available from

photo How to make your own iPad micro SIM

The MicroSIM adapter allows you to use your existing MicroSIM (or homemade one) and pop it back in your iPhone. This is ideal if you want to share one SIM between your iPhone and iPad.

MicroSIM Adapers