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As you know the Rebel simcard Team are always working very hard to make the impossible possible. After Many long sleepless nights and over 200 man hours of Development and testing has gone in to this new firmware for the v1.2 Rebel sim II.

This new firmware V1.2 for Rebel Sim II is created for phones that have the following OS systems.

Windows Mobile Android  Web OS

As you know the number of smart phones that appear in the marketplace with these OS’s is growing every day.

Most of the Smart phones cannot be unlocked by normal cable/software based methods. A hand full can be unlocked by purchasing unlock codes or credits to server based unlock solutions but often costing in the region of £25 per phone.

Normally all phones sold by network operators are locked on to the one network the phone is sold on to.
In the UK Dell streak is sold only by O2
In the USA Dell Streak is sold only by AT&T

Dell Has signed Exclusivity deals with the operators for the countries it supplies in.

The Current scenario is like this

You can buy a dell streak direct fro USA an it will still come locked on to AT&T

You can buy a dell streak direct fro UK an it will still come locked on to 02.

So you can say their is No Sim Free Version of the Dell Streak Available and not even direct from Dell as they are bound by contracts they have made for exclusivity.

As Far as being able to obtain a unlock code to enter in the phone to unlock will be a near impossibility as the phones codes are held by the network operators who locked then.

Not Even Dell can supply a unlock code for the locked phones as they would themselves need to contact the network operator who locked the phone in the first place eg AT&T in USA or O2 in the UK.

However all is not Lost and their is only one company in the World who can provide a Stable Solution to allow use of restricted network simcard on the Dell Streak. Solutions Point Limited based in the UK creates a Product Called the Rebel simcard II is the only unlock solution for the Dell Streak for Now.

Its a small chip on a wafer thin pcb that sits under your network card in your phone and does the Magic and allows use any other network simcard and best of all without the use of cables or software or codes and all this without loss of warranty.

Dell Streak Unlock To any network with Rebel simcard II Video demo

You can download the new firmware FREE  here or on the downloads page here if you already have a Rebel simcard II and  a programming adapter. Take advantage of being able to unlock the Latest Smart Phones when no other methods exist.

Video of How To Upgrade or Reset Rebel Simcard II Back to Default Mode and insert in to the compact or pro rebel programmers  to load a new firmware on the Rebel simcard I or II
To order a programmer please see this section here

Rebel Simcard is a very advanced kind of smartcard technology which can be upgraded .

Rebel Simcard Team Work on new updates and publish these online to further enhance the compatiablity of rebel simcard with the latest mobile phones released.

Rebel Simcard II Firmware Versions Description Rebel Menu Date Download

Rebel Simcard II update Firmware v1.2


Special Firmware for HTC Dell Palm Motorola Phones with Windows Mobile & Android or Web OS

This Firmware has no STK menu and once loaded on to Rebel Sim II its Ready to Unlock all the Newest Models like HD2 Desire Legend Palm Pre Palm Pixi Palm Pre Plus Dell Streak Motorola Droid and 100s of others

No Need to Change modes as this firmware does not have a rebel sim menu for modes and needs no Config once Loaded.

Simply program card and enter in your phone to unlock

No 16 Aughust 2010 Downloa

Unlock HTC Desire with android 2.2 to any network with full 3G with rebelsimcard II V1.2

Video Done By a Customer

Unlock the full range of Web Os Palm Phones without cables or software on WebOs 1.4.5

Video Done By a customer

Come  join us the Gadget Show Live between the 7th & 11th of April in Birmingham at the NEC Exhibition Centre on Stand B 15a.

We will be Launching the most power full firmware ever for unlocking Smart phones with Windows Mobile and Android OS for the Rebel Simcard II.

Rebel Simcard is the world leader in the Sim Overlay Technology and has already helped 100′ of thousands of users to by pass network locks and restrictions placed on thier phones without the need of cables and software to be able to use their choice of network simcards.

No Specialist Technical knowledge is required to unlock the Latest Smart phones.  Learn how to unlock phones the easy way.

Rebel Simcard II is compatible worldwide with any phone that uses the Google Android OS and Windows Mobile Phones Below

Android Phones Supported

Acer Liquid A1

ARCHOS Phone Tablet

Dell Mini 3ix

Dell Streak

Docomo HT03A

Geeksphone one

HTC Click

HTC Dragon

HTC Dream

HTC Eris

HTC Hero

HTC Lancaster

HTC Magic

HTC Tattoo

Huawei u8230

Lenovo O1

LG Amundsen

LG Eve

Motorola Backflip

Motorola Calgary

Motorola CLIQ

Motorola Devour

Motorola Droid

Motorola Heron

Motorola Milestone

Motorola Motori

Nexus One

Philips V808

Samsung Behold 2

Samsung Bigfoot

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung InstinctQ m900

Samsung Moment

Samsung SHW-M100S

Samsung Spica

Sprint HTC Hero

-Mobile Pulse

T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G2 Touch

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

Xperia X3

Windows Mobile 6.x Phones

AT&T Tilt

HP iPAQ 510


HTC Mogul

HTC Touch


Motorola Moto Q 9m

Motorola Moto Q Global

Motorola Q9C

Pantech Duo

Psion WPG2

Samsung Ace

Samsung Blackjack II

Samsung Epix

Samsung Omnia

Samsung SCH-i760

T-Mobile Dash 6.0

T-Mobile Shadow

T-Mobile Wing

Verizon SMT5800

Verizon XV6800

Verizon XV6900

Windows Mobile 5.x / 2003SE Phones

Audiovox 5600

Cingular 2125

Cingular 3125

Cingular 8525

CN3 Mobile

Dopod 515

Dopod 557w

Dopod 586w

Eten M700

HP iPaq hw6920

HP iPaq hw6925


HTC P4350

HTC S310

HTC S620


i-mate JAQ

i-mate JAQ3

i-mate Smartflip

i-mate Smartphone

i-mate Smartphone2

i-mate SP3

i-mate SP3i

i-mate SP5

i-mate SP5m

i-mate SPL

MIO 8380

Motorola i930

Motorola MC9097-G

Motorola MC70

Motorola Moto-Q

Motorola MPx200

Motorola MPx220

Motorola Q

O2 Xda Cosmo

O2 Xda IQ

O2 Xda Phone

O2 Xda Phone II

Orange MPx200

Orange SPV

Orange SPV c500

Orange SPV c550

Orange SPV c600

Orange SPV e100

Orange SPV e200

Pantech PN-820

Qtek 7070

Qtek 8010

Qtek 8020

Qtek 8060

Qtek 8080

Qtek 8100

Qtek 8300

Qtek 8310

Qtek 8500

Sagem myS-7

Samsung BlackJack

Samsung i600

Samsung SCH-i730

Samsung SGH-i300

Samsung SGH-i320

Sierra Wireless Voq

Smart Amazing Phone

Sprint IP-830

Sprint Moto-Q

T-Mobile Dash

T-Mobile SDA 1

T-Mobile SDA 2

T-Mobile SDA 3

Verizon Moto-Q

Verizon PN-820

Verizon XV6700

omnia-pro-b7610-4 The Rebel Simcard Team Have Tested the Latest Windows Mobile Smart phone from Samsung the Omnia Pro B7610.

The Great news is the Testing has been Positive and the Rebel Simcard II has is able to Unlock the Current Range of Samsungs smart phones.

The Rebel Simcard II Unlock Solution offers Full Functions of the Phone. No Features are lost. Full 3G and 2G Connections  are supported worldwide for Calls and Data.

This has to be the Easiest way To unlock Windows mobile Samsung Phones. This Following Samsung Smart Phones are Supported.

Samsung-Rebel Sim II Unlock card

Samsung-Rebel Sim II Unlock card

Choose Your Rebel Simcard and Unlock Your Mobile Phone Instantly. The Worlds Only Unlock Solution that will NOT invalidate the warranty of your Phone. The Best and Easiest Method of Unlock. Unlock the Latest SmartPhones From Samsung Full 3G and DATA

Unlock your Samsung Smart Phone with Rebel Sim Card.

Supported Models

Samsung ACE
Samsung B7300 Omnia LITE
Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro
Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO
Samsung B7610
Samsung Behold 2
Samsung BlackJack
Samsung BlackJack II
Samsung C6620
Samsung C6625
Samsung Code C6625
Samsung Epix i907
Samsung G810
Samsung Galaxy I7500
Samsung Galaxy Spica GT-i5700
Samsung Intrepid
Samsung Jack i637
Samsung L870
Samsung M400/M4000
Samsung Moment
Samsung Mondi
Samsung Omnia HD i8910
Samsung Omnia II
Samsung Omnia i900
Samsung Propel Pro
Samsung SCH-M490
Samsung SCH-M495
Samsung SGH-D720
Samsung SGH-D730
Samsung SGH-i200
Samsung SGH-i300 (5.0)
Samsung SGH-i320
Samsung SGH-i400
Samsung SGH-i450
Samsung SGH-i520
Samsung SGH-i530
Samsung SGH-i550
Samsung SGH-i560
Samsung SGH-i570
Samsung SGH-i600
Samsung SGH-i620
Samsung SGH-i640
Samsung SGH-i740
Samsung SPH-i300
Samsung SPH-i330
Samsung SPH-i500
Samsung SPH-i700
Samsung Saga i770
Samsung i600
Samsung i710
Samsung i7110
Samsung i730
Samsung i750
Samsung i760
Samsung i780
Samsung i830
Samsung i8510 INNOV8