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As you know the Rebel simcard Team are always working very hard to make the impossible possible. After Many long sleepless nights and over 200 man hours of Development and testing has gone in to this new firmware for the v1.2 Rebel sim II.

This new firmware V1.2 for Rebel Sim II is created for phones that have the following OS systems.

Windows Mobile Android  Web OS

As you know the number of smart phones that appear in the marketplace with these OS’s is growing every day.

Most of the Smart phones cannot be unlocked by normal cable/software based methods. A hand full can be unlocked by purchasing unlock codes or credits to server based unlock solutions but often costing in the region of £25 per phone.

Normally all phones sold by network operators are locked on to the one network the phone is sold on to.
In the UK Dell streak is sold only by O2
In the USA Dell Streak is sold only by AT&T

Dell Has signed Exclusivity deals with the operators for the countries it supplies in.

The Current scenario is like this

You can buy a dell streak direct fro USA an it will still come locked on to AT&T

You can buy a dell streak direct fro UK an it will still come locked on to 02.

So you can say their is No Sim Free Version of the Dell Streak Available and not even direct from Dell as they are bound by contracts they have made for exclusivity.

As Far as being able to obtain a unlock code to enter in the phone to unlock will be a near impossibility as the phones codes are held by the network operators who locked then.

Not Even Dell can supply a unlock code for the locked phones as they would themselves need to contact the network operator who locked the phone in the first place eg AT&T in USA or O2 in the UK.

However all is not Lost and their is only one company in the World who can provide a Stable Solution to allow use of restricted network simcard on the Dell Streak. Solutions Point Limited based in the UK creates a Product Called the Rebel simcard II is the only unlock solution for the Dell Streak for Now.

Its a small chip on a wafer thin pcb that sits under your network card in your phone and does the Magic and allows use any other network simcard and best of all without the use of cables or software or codes and all this without loss of warranty.

Dell Streak Unlock To any network with Rebel simcard II Video demo

You can download the new firmware FREE  here or on the downloads page here if you already have a Rebel simcard II and  a programming adapter. Take advantage of being able to unlock the Latest Smart Phones when no other methods exist.

Video of How To Upgrade or Reset Rebel Simcard II Back to Default Mode and insert in to the compact or pro rebel programmers  to load a new firmware on the Rebel simcard I or II
To order a programmer please see this section here

Rebel Simcard is a very advanced kind of smartcard technology which can be upgraded .

Rebel Simcard Team Work on new updates and publish these online to further enhance the compatiablity of rebel simcard with the latest mobile phones released.

Rebel Simcard II Firmware Versions Description Rebel Menu Date Download

Rebel Simcard II update Firmware v1.2


Special Firmware for HTC Dell Palm Motorola Phones with Windows Mobile & Android or Web OS

This Firmware has no STK menu and once loaded on to Rebel Sim II its Ready to Unlock all the Newest Models like HD2 Desire Legend Palm Pre Palm Pixi Palm Pre Plus Dell Streak Motorola Droid and 100s of others

No Need to Change modes as this firmware does not have a rebel sim menu for modes and needs no Config once Loaded.

Simply program card and enter in your phone to unlock

No 16 Aughust 2010 Downloa

Unlock HTC Desire with android 2.2 to any network with full 3G with rebelsimcard II V1.2

Video Done By a Customer

Unlock the full range of Web Os Palm Phones without cables or software on WebOs 1.4.5

Video Done By a customer

Palm Pre baseband downgrade Tool how to Guide for Web OS 1.4/1.4.1

We found that many users who had purchased a Rebel Simcard II for Palm Pre phones have had to loose 3G functions due to Auto software updates from Palm like the 1.4.1  which restricts usage to 2G only.

As this is not due the Fault of the Rebel simcard II Palm Pre users as updates can happen without thier knowledge automatically.

You can use this Tool Free if you have a rebel simcard II and can downgrade the Baseband of the 1.4/1.4.1 Palm Pre Web OS and then have full 3G and network renewal functions enabled once again like it was on the 1.3.5 firmware.

Another option this software supplies you with is if you want to block out future auto updates of the Palm Web OS.

Step 1
Make sure Palm Pre is charged at least %50

Step 2
Download and Install Microsoft Framework 3.5 from here

Reboot PC

Step 3

Enable Developer Mode on the Palm Pre

There are now two ways known to enable the Pre’s dev mode.
1. Simply enter the Konami cheat code:
2. or enter this:
webos200906Step 306
in either way, you’ll see a “secret” menu switch that allows you to enable the developer mode. After that reboot the device.

Do not connect to the the Pre to the PC yet

Step 4
Click here to Download the Baseband Downgrade Tool

Step 5
Run the file you just downloaded and Extract the File in a directory on the PC like the desktop

Step 6
Inside the Directory you chose you will have 2 exe – Installer and preloader.

Step 7

Run it, hit install and it will prompt you to install novacom, after installation it will reboot the PC,

Step 8

after the PC has rebooted run the preloader, connect the phone, Let the novacom drivers automatically install,

Step 9
Connect the Phone
When drivers installed press “Start here”
and the process will start.

Step 10

Now the Applications will start doing its work
1 stage – copying the firmware to phone,

At the copy stage the software will stop responding, but if a high speed USB will be used then it will take 5 seconds, on a slow (USB HUB1.0) it will take about 1,5 minutes.

Step 11
Now application starts baseband downgrade process
2 stage – downgrading.

Downgrade process may halt with “Processing file..” then just close software and run it again. Its novacom bug.

Step 12

Additional Notes

After the modem is reboot users will see “Your device is ready for use” and at this stage you can click on the Next button to continue to disabling the auto updates if you wish to stop new updates taking place on the Palm Web OS.


Now you are Ready To use Rebel Simcard II unlock and use full 3G functions with the 1.4/1.4.1 firmware.

If you still have SOS then do a network search and select your network to finish.

Other good links

Modifying WebOS carrier network settings

Development is under way for all Palm Pre Rebel Simcard II users.

As you know the Automatic update to the 1.4/1.4.1 firmware works only in GSM 2G mode for users currently unless a Baseband Downgrade is performed which then allows full 3G functions to be used.

The current method requires technical expertise to be perform will soon become literally a 1 click process to perform.

This will be made available for all Rebel Simcard Users Free of Charge.

Users can still experience the latest 1.4.1 firmware functions and with full 3G access. Only a Small part of a special part of the Baseband Firmware will be modified and will not affect your phone in any other way other than be able to Full 3G functions of your Pre phone with the Rebel Simcard II.

More info coming soon this week

World First for the Unlocking of the Palm Pre using Rebel Simcard II

After many months of waiting for the Palm Pre to get a UK release and the heartbreak of seeing it with an O2 exclusive contract, the Pre was released last Friday.

The  Rebel Sim Card Team are Happy to Announce the Compatibility with the Latest Palm Pre Phone with Full Support for Network Renewal Functions and Unlocking and Plug and Play usage.

This means the Rebel Simcard II can be used to by pass the Network locks and Restrictions the Network providers have placed to restrict you from using other network provider’s simcards and networks on the Palm Pre.

No Software or Codes can unlock this model to Date and only the Rebel Simcard II is able to Fully unlock the Phone for use with voice, data and 3G on any network Worldwide.

The Palm Pre Unlock Package can be ordered here

Package includes a Rebel Simcard II pre configured and Ready for Out of the Box Plug and Play Usage.

Simply Cut the network simcard you wish to use using the rebel simcard cutter which takes a few seconds and plug in the Rebel simcard II and your favourite sim in to the Palm Pre and power on the Phone and you will Ready to use.

Simple Fast and Effective Solution without losing Warranty for the Palm Pre.

You can see the Video Demo here

To show you the Rebel simcard II is a highly Reliable Solution to Unlock the Palm Pre to any network the Video demonstrates the Network Authentication Keys Renewal Functions of the Rebel simcard II.


The Rebel simcard II Does the Magic and is Ready to use on any network 2G or 3G. for Voice Data Calls SMS MMS.

The Palm pre is now unlocked and the phone has found the network it self and Registered.

Simple Easy Unlocking of the Palm Pre World First By the Rebel simcard II Team.

Well, seems that things are getting better for us Europeaniens here – Palm decided to release a GSM version of Palm Pre and distribute it all across the Europe. Well, not all across for now, as it turns out that exclusive operator for Palm Pre will be O2. So, we’re expecting to have Pre’s in Great Britain, Ireland and Germany  – and quite fast – from October 13th!
When it comes to prices, it seems that they won’t be too high, in fact, Pre’s are going to be pretty affordable for anyone who decides to sign up a contract with the O2. In Great Britain, you could get your Pre for 97 pounds (18 months contract) or even for free (24 month contract with some more expensive monthly rates). All rates will include unlimited WiFi access all over GB (The Cloud).
Ireland has some different situation – 99 euros for the device with 18 months contract on 45 euros of monthly rate, or a free device with 100 euros per month rate.
And at last, but not the least – Germany – whose O2 will offer unlocked Palm Pre device (price still unknown).
But nevertheless, we sure hope to get one device for our selves, so we can test the Rebel Simcard II