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As you already know the Rebel Team from the UK at Solutions Point Limited was the first to unlock the Dell streak via the Rebel Simcard II.

However now the Rebel Team are agian first in the world to offer the full Factory unlock of the Dell streak.

Postal service for UK is Launched and Live now
How The Dell Streak Unlock Service Works

The Offical Website for the Dell Streak UK Postal Service Dell streak Unlock Via Post to any network worldwide and be free to use the network simcard on your Factory Unlocked Dell Streak Tablet Pc Phone

World First & Exclusive Video Demo on our unlock code Reader for the Dell Steak   HOT

How can you Trust Solutions Point Limited with your Dell Phone ?

We already supply the only other current unlock solution for the Dell streak which is the Rebel Simcard II. For more info please or

We have a history of releasing world first Exclusive solutions and many examples can be found on our blogs and websites.


Do you open the Dell Streak Phone to perform the unlock ?

No our software interfaces to the phone via the standard usb cable supplied with the Dell Streak

Do you need to modify the software in the Phone to unlock it ?

We have developed a code reading solution which does not tamper with the phones software at all and the operation is fully safe and no damage can be done to you dell streak with our unlocking Service.

Can i update to new android OS in the furture without relocking my Dell streak Phone back up ?

Yes you can always update to new firmwares of android without the worry of loosing your unlock.

Is the unlock Service available Worldwide ?

The Dell Streaks can be from any place and locked to any network but we are offering for now a postal unlock service starting with the UK but will be extending the service to other countries shortly.

If i send a Dell Phone to get unlocked do i need to make a backup of my data on the phone incase i loose it after the unlocking process ?

No you dont need worry about that as we dont load new software on your phone or update it. We simply unlock the phone and send back in the same condition and no damage can occur to your phone but if you feel paranoid its always better to make a backup.

Can i Bring my Dell To your office to Unlock it or do you offer only postal services ?

Yes you can give us a call and we can make an appointment for you to visit our office and to have your Dell unlocked without using the postal service.

I already an using a Rebel simcard II with the Dell Streak. Can you offer me some trade in value for my Rebel sim II as im already a client of yours ?

Yes you can Receive £10 off the price of the unlock when you send 1 working Rebel simcard II back to us via the Postal Unlock Service only.

I am not from the UK and i want to unlock my dell Streak. Can you provide a solution for me ?

The only other unlock solution for the Dell Streak is the Rebel simcard II and can be purchased from the Website here for retail and here for traders.

More info on the Exclusive Dell Streak Full Unlock Service.

How To Use The Dell Streak Postal Unlock Service

How does the Postal Unlock system Work ?

Step 1

Order & Complete Payment & supply your IMEI number on the order page.

Now you will have an order number and also on the order you will have the IMEI numbers for all the phones you will be sending to get unlocked. Please print of a copy of the Order and include in your parcel before despatch.

Step 2

Send your Dell Streak Phone to us in the Post using any type of service you like but make sure the service has online tracking and requires a signature upon arrival.

Please print of a copy of the Order and include in your parcel before despatch.

Step 3

Soon as your Dell Streak arrives we will

Book this in to our system and you will get email to let you its arrived and booked in.

When the Unlock has been Done you will be emailed to let you know.

When we ship your Dell Streak Phone/Phones back to you you will also get an email with the Tracking information and the order will then be marked as Completed and you can download your Invoice for your order from within your account in the Dell Streak Unlock Shopping Cart.

We always return your phone unlocked back to you via our in house Fast Shipping Services

Postal Service is Now Live to order now please visit

Rebel Lite Dual Simcard Adapters

Solutions Point Limited

No More swapping Sim Cards over using the supplied Iphone opener tool with the Iphone 4 impossible sim gates style from apple every time.


Well no more of the complicated fiddling around and keeping your other network Sim Cards in your wallets or purses & pockets in jeans, trousers or jackets.

No more worrying if your spouse ended up washing your other network sim card in the washing machine as you forgot to take it out.

The New Rebel Pro & Lite Dual Sim adapters are here to save the day.

  • The Rebel Lite Dual Sim Adapters provides a new more powerful and convenient way of switching between network Sim Cards like not available before.
  • It’s much more practical when your networks Sims are in the right place and inside the Rebel Dual sim adapters.
  • You can simply switch between network Simcards in a few clicks by going to the Rebel STK Menu in the Iphone 4 under Settings /Phone / Sim Applications.
  • This is a great way to save money and complications when you travel to another country and wish to use a local provider’s network sim with an unlocked Iphone 4.
  • Save money in your home country by using network Simcards from MVNO’s that share the same network code as your locked Iphone 4.

Rebel Iphone 4 Lite Dual Sim adapter

Specification of Rebel Lite Iphone 4 Dual sim adapter by the Rebel Team


1        Network Simcard Pre Cut to Micro Simcard format.  ( Not included )

1        Network Simcard Not Cut to Micro Simcard format or a Pre Cut micro sim with a Rebel Micro sim adapter. ( Not included )

1        Virtually any Case that case be used to keep the Rebel Lite adapter in place but a Black Coloured Case is supplied with the Kit as standard.

Important Please Note

The Dual Cards do NOT support DUAL STANDBY Mode but you can switch between them and be connected to one network Simcard at any one time only.

How To Install the Rebel Lite Dual sim Adapter

Take out the Network Simcard from your Iphone 4 with opener tool supplied by Apple.

Step 1


Enter a pre cut micro sim as shown in the step 1 picture and bend the FPCB as shown

Place your Normal Mini size Simcard in the Second slot as shown

Now you are ready to insert in to Iphone 4


Do Not rush Step 4 and slide the rebel dual sim adapter in to the Iphone 4 sim gate till you hear the click and then the sim tray is locked in to place.


After full insertion in to the Iphone 4 sim tray this is how it will look and don’t worry if stick out by a few mm and does not fully insert

The first time you power on your will be connected to the Sim Slot 1 where the micro sim is connected.

When you would like to switch to the other full size network sim connected in sim tray 2 then this is how to do that.


Look for the Rebel STK Menu in the iPhone 4 under Settings /Phone / Sim Applications.


When you click on the Switch Number you have these options

And will not see a * next to any of the options if it’s the first time you are using it.

Now to go to SIM2 we would simply select that option by clicking on it and this would switch to the other network sim and when you want to come back to SIM1 come back to the menu option and select that one.

You can also set a timing option so you can automatically alternate between network simcards connected by setting a time in minutes.


You may want to be able to swap simcards many times a day as and when you need to use your other network Simcard.

On the other hand if your Iphone 4 is locked to one network then you can only use 2 network Simcards in the locked Iphone 4 that come from the same network provider or a MVNO that shares your locked Iphone 4 providers as explained below.

What are the Rebel Iphone 4 Dual sim adapters used for?

To save you time and money and hassle of manually changing network Simcards around by physically changing them.

Let me give you this scenario about using MVNO’s in the UK you could easily use Tesco or GiffJaff in your locked Iphone 4 that’s locked on only 02 with the Rebel Dual Sim Adapters

If your phone is locked to say one network only and for example it’s UK O2. You can still use and save money as other virtual mobile network operators often have much cheaper offering that share the same network code.

This allows the network Simcards from MVNO’s Sims to work and will also work on your locked Iphone 4′s.

At the moment Giff Gaff is like Tesco mobile who are a MVNO’s that run on the 02 network and is offering a very good deal along with Tesco mobile and their tripling credit offer.

They like other MVNO’s buy bulk airtime deals and resell on under their own brand. These network simcards all share in common the same network code 23410 which tells the phone to login to the UK O2 Network.

This network code is called the MCC Mobile county code which in this case is 234 for all UK network simcards & the MNC Mobile Network code which in this case is 10 for the entire network Simcards that run on the UK O2 network.

You too can check from the list here for other MVNO in your home country as we gave you an example for the UK and then be able have access to great deals by simply switching over to the other network Simcard in a few click that’s already inside your rebel dual sim card adapter

Unlocked Iphone 4 users and freedom of choice to use any network Simcard.

Can I Use other Case Designs with the Rebel Lite Dual sim Adapter ?

Yes you see examples below using popular cases in the marketplace.


rebel-lite-dual-sim-adapter-demo-pic6rebel-lite-dual-sim-adapter-demo-pic9rebel-lite-dual-sim-adapter-demo-pic18 (2)

About Rebel Simcard Team

We are the Rebel Simcard Team from

Rebel Simcard Team are well versed with CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping and Production of Mobile Phone Network Simcards, simcard Cutters & unlocking equipment.

Coupled with our experience in Design and Manufacturing and Distribution we are your number one choice to deliver you the Best product and quality available with Fast Shipping From our UK Warehouse to Global Destination using in house Fedex & Dhl Shipping Facilities.

Rebel Micro Sim Cutter & Adapter are Designed by the Rebel Team UK.

Solutions Point Limited is a Company based in Rochdale. Contact us Today and See if help find the Solution for you.

All brandnames, logos, trademarks and trade names listed on this website are the property of their respective owners.

Solutions Point Ltd and Rebel Simcard are in no way associated or affiliated to any of these brands or companies listed on this pdf guide

Copyright © 2008-2010

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Now Shipping Red Rebel Lite Micro Sim Cutters & on special Offer  Only £4.99 + PP

Get yourself a Micro sim cutter Bargain

Convert standard sim card (15*25mm) to micro sim card(12*15mm) with our special Lite Version of the Rebel micro sim cutter which provides Cutting Edge performance and affordability with Optional 5 Micro Sim to Mini sim Adapters

This is a very superior design and unlike other other cutters in the market users are able to operate with 2 fingers and need to apply only little force to make a successful accurate cut.

Cutting micro simcards with the Latest Design of the Rebel Lite Micro Sim cutter has becomes childs play.

The Optional Rebel Micro to mini adapters are the highest grade worldwide and have a click in mechanism.Operates in the same way and ease of use as a stapler.

No need to apply high amounts of pressure to make the cut as the advanced mechanism within out cutter does the hard work for you.

This cutter is designed for hand operation and a table or flat surface is not required.

Special Offer and Red Cutter only available on the Rebel Micro Sim Cutter> Website Home>Rebel Lite Micro Sim card Cutter for IPad & IPhone4G

How to use the Rebel Simcard Micro sim cutting tool to safely cut your network simcard to make it Iphone 4G & ipad Ready

Step 1

Take hold of the Rebel Micro Simcard Cutter and your network simcard.



Step 2

Slide your network sim in the Rebel Micro sim card cutting Tool



Step 3

You can use the Rebel Micro sim Tool with 1 hand unlike other cheaper tools in the market that need 2 hands to operate and users need to posses big biceps.

Rebel Micro sim tool is designed to be used 1000’s of times and built to last for years.



Step 4

Simple 1 click to convert normal mini simcard to the micro sim in seconds





Step 5

Insert in to your ipad or iphone 4 and enjoy



Note how the micro sim fits perfectly in to the sim gate of the apple ipad or iphone 4







Instruction guide to download on how to cut your network sim to micro sim format

Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish

Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish

First of all let me tell you about the Great Success of the the Gadget Show Live.

The Rebel Simcard Stand was very busy with the live demo’s of how the Rebel simcard  overlay Technology Works.

We Found many of the Gadget gurus at the show has never been exposed to the wonderful technology we offer and were totally amazed to see how simple mobile phone network restrictions bypassing & Least Cost Routing could be using the Rebel Simcard.

We met up with 100’s of people who travel out side the UK and who make international call regularly were amazed to see how Rebel Simcard Callback and Call-through Gadgets could help them on Roaming and international Call costs in an autonomous way using the sim dialler Tech.

We Look Forward to seeing you at the Show Next Year.