Now Shipping Red Rebel Lite Micro Sim Cutters & on special Offer  Only £4.99 + PP

Get yourself a Micro sim cutter Bargain

Convert standard sim card (15*25mm) to micro sim card(12*15mm) with our special Lite Version of the Rebel micro sim cutter which provides Cutting Edge performance and affordability with Optional 5 Micro Sim to Mini sim Adapters

This is a very superior design and unlike other other cutters in the market users are able to operate with 2 fingers and need to apply only little force to make a successful accurate cut.

Cutting micro simcards with the Latest Design of the Rebel Lite Micro Sim cutter has becomes childs play.

The Optional Rebel Micro to mini adapters are the highest grade worldwide and have a click in mechanism.Operates in the same way and ease of use as a stapler.

No need to apply high amounts of pressure to make the cut as the advanced mechanism within out cutter does the hard work for you.

This cutter is designed for hand operation and a table or flat surface is not required.

Special Offer and Red Cutter only available on the Rebel Micro Sim Cutter> Website Home>Rebel Lite Micro Sim card Cutter for IPad & IPhone4G

  1. Kuhnemund says:

    Interesting very interesting…

  2. Neil says:

    I have one of the sim cards with a slightly bigger gold chip … will the cutter work for me??


    • admin says:


      all simcards are the same

      the gold pattern may differ in size

      all smartcard chips have 8 contacts

      however for mobile phone network simcards only 6 are used and 2 go spare

      when you cut to micro size you are cutting of the gold part on some network simcards that is not needed.
      so dont worry if you cut of any gold part when using rebel micro sim cutter.

      this all normal and your network sim is guaranteed to work when cut with our cutters.

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