New Baseband Downgrade application to be released this week to unlock the latest 1.4.1 palm OS firmware

Posted: April 19, 2010 in palm pixi unlock, palm pre AT&T unlock, PALM Pre instant Unlock Server, palm pre o2 unlock, palm pre plus unlock, palm pre telcel unlock, palm pre unlock

Development is under way for all Palm Pre Rebel Simcard II users.

As you know the Automatic update to the 1.4/1.4.1 firmware works only in GSM 2G mode for users currently unless a Baseband Downgrade is performed which then allows full 3G functions to be used.

The current method requires technical expertise to be perform will soon become literally a 1 click process to perform.

This will be made available for all Rebel Simcard Users Free of Charge.

Users can still experience the latest 1.4.1 firmware functions and with full 3G access. Only a Small part of a special part of the Baseband Firmware will be modified and will not affect your phone in any other way other than be able to Full 3G functions of your Pre phone with the Rebel Simcard II.

More info coming soon this week

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