Info About Application Development for STK Sim Tool Kit

Posted: January 18, 2010 in APDU Commands, Call Back Sim Dialler, Call Control, Call Routing Dialer, call through, Call Through Sim Dialler, calling card
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The STK Sim Application Toolkit is a Universal Standard used to create applications that reside on network simcards. Normally it is not possible to load applications on to a network simcards and only the network can supply functions that use the STK.

Solutions Point Limited Specialise in Sim Overlay technology which consists of a FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) thats 0.1 mm thick and has a Micro controller mounted and fits underneath network simcards in mobile phone sim gates.

This allows the provision of new applications through the use of the sim over lay technology. The Default STK provided by the network sim operator is ignored and its possible to Provide custom applications that use the Sim Application Toolkit.

This has already been successfully demonstrated with Solutions Point Limited’s Flag ship Sim overlay Product

Current Applications Created so far include
1 Mobile Phone Unlocking
2 Least Cost international Call Routing using Call Though
3 Least Cost international Call Routing using Call Back

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